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12th April 2016

Well, I know this is the space where I dazzle you, the reader, and make you think I have some truly glamorous lifestyle attending literary parties and hob-nobbing with the great and the good of the publishing world.  Unfortunately none of that is true and the reality is much less exciting.  I am mum to two teenage boys and work in a finance office.  Outside work I pretend I can keep up with my zumba teacher,  I bake a little, study for accountancy exams and, of course, read and review books

I read books that I have bought on special offer, that are available in the local library or just have caught my eye somehow.  I have a bookcase full of books that I plan on reviewing but also expect to review some newer books that I see causing a stir on Twitter.  Because they are books I have chosen to read I will not be surprised if they receive high scores.


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