About Me

31st March 2016

am a nearly forty year old mum of two.  At some point over the last fourteen years I seem to have forgotten that I am a real person too; with my own interests and ambitions.  Recently things came to a head when I applied for a new job.  I was unsuccessful this time but I got the chance to look at my life and realised that maybe instead of trying to get fulfilment from my job I should try to get it somewhere else.

This blog is the attempt to do just that.  I have always enjoyed reading and have a long standing ambition to write a novel.  Hopefully reading other peoples books will help me do just that.  After all, the most common piece of advice given to budding authors is  to read.  A lot!

Update 26th March 2016:

Well, I am now over the fortieth birthday barrier and things have changed slightly since I wrote the above.  I have a different job now which I enjoy more and have managed to keep in touch with some of the colleagues from the previous job.  I still read whenever I get the opportunity, alongside studying for accountancy exams which hopefully will allow me to eventually get a higher paid job, and I still have multiple ideas that zip into my head and make me think “that would be a good idea for a book”.  Perhaps at some point I will stop procrastinating and get on and write one of them to full length.

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