The Birds and the Bees by Milly Johnson

18th February 2017

What the publisher says:

Romance writer and single mum Stevie Honeywell has only weeks to go to her wedding when her fiancé Matthew runs off with her glamorous new friend Jo MacLean. It feels like history repeating itself for Stevie, but this time she is determined to win back her man. She isn’t going to act as he might expect. She isn’t going to wail and dig her heels in, she is simply going to pretend to let him go whilst she pursues a mad course of dieting, exercising and self-improvement.

And it feels like history is repeating itself for Adam MacLean too, who is also determined to win his lady, Jo, back with the same basic psychological tactics. Then he is going to initiate his master plan: Getting together with Stevie to drive Jo wild with jealousy.

So, like the Scottish country jig ‘The Birds and the Bees’, the couples all

change partners and learn some revealing truths about each other along the way. But what happens when Adam’s master plan actually starts to work? And just who will Stevie be dancing with when the music stops?


What I say:

The Birds and the Bees is not as may appear from the title an instructional book, nor is it anything very racy or erotic.  What it is is the very sweet story of Stevie who finds out from a gruff Scots man that her fiance has run away with his girlfriend who also happens to be the wife of the Scots man (keeping up here? – good)


Somehow Stevie still loves Matthew despite his infidelity and falls in with the mad plan put together by Adam McLean (nice stereotypical name there)  to try to get the pairings back into their original state.  This leads to many funny situations including the two of them moving in together although I have to say I pondered on Matthew’s intelligence here bearing in mind Stevie has a son and most people would wait a little longer before they moved another man in.

As can be expected with all of Milly Johnson’s novels this was a warm and funny read.  I found myself cheering when Stevie finally realised that she didn’t want to be with Matthew any more and that Adam was in fact a decent, kind man not the monster he had been portrayed as.  The ending is perhaps predictable from a few pages in but reading about how they get there is great heartwarming fun.


Rating  4 out of 5

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