Broken Bones by Angela Marsons

3rd November 2017

What the publisher says:

They thought they were safe. They were wrong.

The murder of a young prostitute and a baby found abandoned on the same winter night signals the start of a disturbing investigation for Detective Kim Stone – one which brings her face to face with someone from her own horrific childhood.

As more sex workers are murdered in quick succession, each death more violent than the last, Kim and her team realise that the initial killing was no one-off frenzied attack, but a twisted serial killer preying on the vulnerable.

At the same time, the search begins for the desperate woman who left her newborn baby at the station – but what looks like a tragic abandonment turns even more sinister when a case of modern slavery is uncovered.

The two investigations bring the team into a terrifying world of human exploitation and cruelty – and a showdown that puts Kim’s life at risk as shocking secrets from her own past come to light.

What I say:

Kim Stone is back with her team (they were separated previously when she went to work in a neighbouring area to investigate a case that fell on the boundary between the two forces). There is no slow buildup to the action as we are thrust in it immediately when Kim discovers a baby who has been abandoned outside the station.

The same evening becomes even busier when a local prostitute is murdered. Kim is thrust into the investigation at full pelt and the list of suspects becomes longer at each turn of the story. A figure from her past becomes integral to the investigation but is all as it seems?

The probe into the abandoned baby leads to a local factory where the two officers can’t help but suspect illegal immigrants and forced labour. The two storylines weave together throughout the book and the tension moves up a notch almost with every page.

Throw in  a missing teenager who the reader knows is being groomed but the police have yet to discover and this makes one heck of  a tense read

Once I had started I couldn’t put this book down and although I often can spot the twist coming this time I was completely misled by Angela Marsons and need to go back and read it again to see what I missed….


Rating  5 out of 5

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