Don’t Look Behind You by Mel Sherratt

14th January 2017

What the publisher says:

The small city of Stockleigh is in shock as three women are brutally attacked within days of each other. Are they random acts of violence or is there a link between the victims? For Detective Eden Berrisford, it’s her most chilling case yet.

The investigation leads Eden to cross paths with Carla, a woman trying to rebuild her life after her marriage to a cruel and abusive man ended in unimaginable tragedy. Her husband Ryan was imprisoned for his crimes but, now he’s out and coming for her.

As Eden starts to close in on the attacker, she also puts herself in grave danger. Can she stop him before he strikes again? And can Carla, terrified for her life, save herself – before the past wreaks a terrible revenge?





What I say:

I was intrigued to read this book as I had enjoyed Mel Sherratt’s previous novel which introduced DS Eden Berrisford and her family. I loved that Eden was a strong female character who took no nonsense from anyone and I was pleased to see that this novel continued in the same vein, as early on in the book Eden takes a man outside who has been abusing his wife and leaves him in no doubt that he himself will become the victim of violence if he continues to act in the way that he has been doing.
The book has two main story lines, Eden is working with a women’s refuge to try to help the women who have fled there for help. She doesn’t realise that Carla, one of the workers at the refuge, is becoming increasingly worried that her abusive ex husband has been released from prison and has tracked her down. At the same time a serial sex attacker is on the loose, with his attacks becoming more serious each time Eden and her team must find him before someone ends up dead.
The book doesn’t only focus on the police work side of things though. We are reminded that Eden is a real woman with a life outside of work, She is trying to maintain her relationship with her teenage daughter; something which becomes difficult when it emerges that Eden has met with her runaway husband without letting her daughter know, and more importantly, without giving her the chance to see him again.
The action is non stop, with the only breather for the reader being whilst the officers are in the station although even then there is still plenty to take in. I managed to read the whole thing in a matter of hours, This is a book which can definitely be described as “unputdownable”.


Rating 5 out of 5

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