The Late Blossoming of Frankie Green by Laura Kemp

29th October 2016

What the publisher says:

A laugh-out-loud, feel good, romantic comedy, which will take you on an enlightening emotional rollercoaster. Perfect for the fans of Sophie Kinsella and Jane Costello.

Frankie Green’s happy ever after is put on hold when her childhood sweetheart husband complains things are boring in bed.

When he asks for some space, she sets out to win him back by getting herself a sex education.

Little does she know that her hilarious, tender and embarrassing journey of enlightenment is going to change everything…

A story full of humour, heartache and happiness, of friendship, coming of age and overcoming insecurity.



What I say:


I was lucky enough to win a kindle copy of this book (back in June – I have read it several times since then but not got around to writing the review).  As part of the prize I also received a necklace with a custard cream hanging from it.  I was mystified about why this was and now I have read the book I understand completely, although I may not look at custard creams in the same way.


The book begins with Frankie’s husband trying to spice up their love life after the twice weekly routine has become stale to him.  I have to say that Frankie isn’t presented as the most adventurous of people, perhaps to the extent of being a little boring and so I almost had sympathy for him.  Her friends rally round to support her despite their own problems but the most unusual help of all comes in the shape of Floyd, her friend’s big brother.  After seeing a note written up on her fridge he offers to teach her about sex.  In a blow for girl power she agrees to this so that she can attract her husband back.  Thankfully she does begin to blossom and realises that she doesn’t actually need Jason to make her happy.

This is  a book with many laugh out loud moments and I have even read it a few times just for the sheer enjoyment of it


Rating 4 out of 5

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