You Had Me At Merlot by Lisa Dickenson

21st February 2017

What the publisher says:

Elle and Laurie are the last ones standing: they’re single, they’re not having babies any time soon and their weekends aren’t filled with joyful meetings about mortgages. For Elle, this is fine. She likes her independent life, but Laurie wants love and she wants it now.

So when Laurie begs Elle to come with her on a singles holiday to a beautiful vineyard in Tuscany, Elle is reluctant. She has no intention of swapping her perfectly lovely life for someone else’s idea of her Mr Perfect, but ten days under the Italian sun with her best friend and lashings of wine? How bad could that be?




What I say:

Well, I loved the title of this book and had heard many good things about it on Twitter so I had to give it a go.  Thankfully I wasn’t disappointed as the book made me laugh out loud from the first page.  I got some funny looks on my commute that day I can tell you!

Elle is happily single and living in London when her friend Laurie decides that what they both need is a holiday in Italy. To be precise what they both need is an activity holiday at a vineyard in Italy.  Laurie’s aim for the holiday is to meet someone and ideally for Elle to meet someone too although I think secretly she has decided a long time ago that she is a lost cause.

The rest of their gang agree that it would be a good idea for Elle to get away and so what else is she to do but to force herself to take some time off work and jet off into the sunshine and the possibility of some fun ( I can tell you that I would not have to think twice before packing my knickers and sun cream and jetting off but then I suppose everyone’s different).

After an eventful journey the two arrive at the vineyard and meet the owner and his son.  This is where the adventure begins.  I don’t think it is giving away too much of the story to say that Elle and Jamie are bound to get together. Reading the story of how they get there and the hiccups along the way is incredibly entertaining.   Throw in the arrival of Elle’s MD Donna to ruin the peace and quiet and make Elle worry for her career and all in all this is a fabulous read and one that is too good to save for the beach.


Rating 5 out of 5



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