Perfect Alibis by Jane Wenham-Jones

9th April 2016

What the publisher says:

PA’s agency offers Perfect Alibis for the unfaithful.

Stephanie – bored housewife and disillusioned mother – wants a job, and Madeleine’s recruitment company appears to be the ideal place to go. Except that PAs isn’t quite what it seems.

Far from providing companies with Personal Assistants, the agency offers Perfect Alibis to unfaithful women. And as Stephanie soon discovers, there are lots of them about!

Founder member Patsy is a serial philanderer and there’s a dark side to her best friend Millie. For the well-heeled ladies of Edenhurst, PA’s is a ticket to risk-free adultery.

So when Stephanie’s first love, Troy returns to town even she is tempted. But her life is soon in turmoil, and that’s before the tabloids get involved….

What I say..

I downloaded this book as a 99p offer onto the kindle app on my phone.  I had read Jane Wenham-Jones’Wannabe a Writer? (Secrets to Success) several times and enjoyed the humour in it so thought this would be worth a try.  I have to say I was not disappointed.  From the start the book made me chuckle and the drama in the prologue was a very good indicator of the story to come.   Stephanie, the main character was very well though out, in fact the description of how she felt unappreciated and lost in her role as housewife almost brought me to tears it was so true to my situation.  Her former lover Troy reappears on the scene and appears to be offering a way out of the mundane life she has found herself living in, until she sees him together with his wife and realises that he actually hasn’t changed very much since she was involved with him all those years before.  The story flows well even though at times it is hard to keep up with who is who and everyone seems to be having relationships on the side.  The hint of tabloid involvement is just that, barely touched upon in the book as the relationships take centre place, and probably would not have been missed had it not been there.  The story finishes with Stephanie coming to terms with what she has and what she stands to lose by becoming involved with Troy once again.  This was a fun read and one that I am sure I will come back to over and over again, even if only to reassure myself that to feel bored and unappreciated with what I have got is perfectly normal


Rating 5 out of 5

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