Summer Loves by Georgia Hill

20th August 2017

What the publisher says:

Summer lovin’ never happened so fast…but will it last?

Part Two

What I say:

In this book we return to Berecombe to catch up with Millie Vanilla and the events which revolve around her and her cafe.  In the first book Millie fell for the gorgeous Jed only to discover he was actually working for a bakery chain which was opening a new cafe locally and threatening her business.  In this second volume we are introduced to two of Millie’s old school friends who have returned to Berecombe for their own reasons.  Dora and Mike were the romance story of the school when they were all in sixth form and the intervening years have done nothing to diminish their feelings for each other.

Millie takes it upon herself to make sure her old friends rekindle their romance, all the while being wooed by Jed who has returned to Berecombe with a very interesting proposal for Millie.  Throw in a bit of OAP shenanigans,  a flood and a new ambition and all in all this is a fantastic read.

The characters are once again likeable and believeable and the odd touch of humour really adds to the story. I can’t help but recommend this series.


Rating 5 out of 5

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