Christmas Weddings by Georgia Hill
Reviews / 19th September 2017

What the publisher says: Winter wedding bells are ringing at the Cupcake Café! It’s winter in Berecombe and Millie’s café is up for sale. Her final task as its owner is to host her friends’ Christmas wedding on the beach, only she’s feeling anything but festive! Putting her ex, Jed, firmly out of her mind is proving impossible now he’s back working for her biggest rival. What on earth is Jed up to? Telling her he still loves her is all very well, but if her café goes out of business, no-one will buy it. Christmas might be the season of good will towards men – but can Millie trust this particular man with her heart again?   What I say: The third in the Millie Vanilla series this book is comfort reading at it’s very best. Our eponymous heroine has returned to Berecombe after some time travelling the world and hopes to rekindle the relationship she has with Jed, the rich jetsetter who broke her heart when she found out he was acting as a consultant for Blue Elephant, the coffee chain who opened in Berecombe and threatened her own small cafe. She is devastated to find that he…

Summer Loves by Georgia Hill
Reviews / 20th August 2017

What the publisher says: Summer lovin’ never happened so fast…but will it last? Part Two What I say: In this book we return to Berecombe to catch up with Millie Vanilla and the events which revolve around her and her cafe.  In the first book Millie fell for the gorgeous Jed only to discover he was actually working for a bakery chain which was opening a new cafe locally and threatening her business.  In this second volume we are introduced to two of Millie’s old school friends who have returned to Berecombe for their own reasons.  Dora and Mike were the romance story of the school when they were all in sixth form and the intervening years have done nothing to diminish their feelings for each other. Millie takes it upon herself to make sure her old friends rekindle their romance, all the while being wooed by Jed who has returned to Berecombe with a very interesting proposal for Millie.  Throw in a bit of OAP shenanigans,  a flood and a new ambition and all in all this is a fantastic read. The characters are once again likeable and believeable and the odd touch of humour really adds to the…

Spring Beginnings by Georgia Hill
Reviews / 15th March 2017

What the publisher says: Millie’s working all hours to make her seaside café a success, so when a rival multi-national café chain opens its latest branch just around the corner, stealing away her customers, it means WAR! Millie’s remaining loyal customers step up – and a new arrival in town, the gorgeous, enigmatic Jed Henville, is also keen on helping Millie solve her business crisis. But it’s only after Jed sweeps her off her feet that Millie suddenly realises how little she knows about him… What I say: Georgia was a new author for me but I have a weakness for books about chocolate and cupcakes so this seemed like the ideal read for me. Millie Vanilla runs a cosy little cafe on the Dorset coast which appeals to holidaymakers and locals alike.  The cafe is her livelihood but she discovers that a multi national coffee chain are opening their latest branch in town and she, rightly so, fears for the future of her business.  With a band of regular customers and her one employee Millie sets about rejuvenating her cafe to try to bring more life into it. Not surprisingly there is a love interest in the form of…

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