My Husband’s Wife by Jane Corry
Reviews / 30th December 2016

What the publisher says: What if your life was built on a lie? When lawyer Lily marries Ed, she’s determined to make a fresh start. To leave the secrets of the past behind. But when she takes on her first criminal case, she starts to find herself strangely drawn to her client. A man who’s accused of murder. A man she will soon be willing to risk everything for. But is he really innocent? And who is she to judge?     What I say:   I was intrigued by this book as it has very little blurb by the publisher advertising what it is about and yet it had some very good reviews popping up here and there (including one by Katerina Diamond who’s books I have loved so far).  When it popped up as a special offer on my kindle I jumped at the chance to download it.  Once I had made the leap I found that I couldn’t put it down. The book jumps between the story of Lily, a young lawyer just starting to take on criminal cases, her new husband Ed, a would-be painter and Carla, the young Italian girl who lives in the flat…

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