While My Eyes Were Closed by Linda Green
Reviews / 2nd January 2017

What the publisher says: One, two, three . . . Lisa Dale shuts her eyes and counts to one hundred during a game of hide-and-seek. When she opens them, her four-year-old daughter Ella is gone. Disappeared without a trace. The police, the media and Lisa’s family all think they know who snatched Ella. But what if the person who took her isn’t a stranger? What if they are convinced they are doing the right thing? And what if Lisa’s little girl is in danger of disappearing forever?   What I say: This may seem like the typical thriller with a child going missing from a seemingly normal family.  This isn’t a typical thriller however as right from the start we know who the little girl is with and why.  The jump between the two viewpoints is a surprisingly sympathetic way to write the story and it results in an understanding of the character who would normally be the villain.   This is a situation which is surely every parent’s worst nightmare and Linda Green does a fantastic job of showing us Lisa’s feelings.   As the story unfolds the links between the family and little Ella’s “kidnapper” are uncovered in…

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