The Teacher by Katerina Diamond

31st March 2016

What the publisher says:

You think you know who to trust? You think you know the difference between good and evil?

You’re wrong …


The body of the head teacher of an exclusive Devon school is found hanging from the rafters in the assembly hall.

Hours earlier he’d received a package, and only he could understand the silent message it conveyed. It meant the end.

As Exeter suffers a rising count of gruesome deaths, troubled DS Imogen Grey and DS Adrian Miles must solve the case and make their city safe again.

But as they’re drawn into a network of corruption, lies and exploitation, every step brings them closer to grim secrets hidden at the heart of their community.

And once they learn what’s motivating this killer, will they truly want to stop him?

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What I say:


I have to admit that this is not my usual choice of book, normally I prefer something lighter and more fluffy, something which allows for a little escapism from the daily drudge of housework and family life.  The marketing for this book hooked me though, mostly because the adverts I saw promoted the book as being about the death of the headmaster at a private school in Exeter.  Working in a school in Exeter I was intrigued by how the school and Exeter would be portrayed in the novel.  As it was I read this in a day (over a few sessions, helped by the fact I was at home ill from work).

The death of the headmaster is only the beginning of the story though and although the school is mentioned again and does have some part to play in the storyline it is not the centre of the piece.  The number of murders gradually increases and the plot develops and shows the point of view of several characters at once.

Despite it not being my usual type of read I did enjoy this novel, even the incredibly gory parts.  The relationships between the characters work well and I have a feeling that Miles and Grey, the two investigating officers, have a few more storylines in them.   I, personally, would like to see how their relationship develops over the course of time, although I can’t foresee a romantic involvement for them (but then again I am not the writer so who knows?).

The different strands of the storyline are all tied up well at the end.  I was not left with a feeling of disappointment nor that there were matters not dealt with.

Rating:  4 out of 5

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